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How To Make Your Faith Work


faith is the substance of
things hoped for, the evidence of
things not seen. For by it the
elders obtained a good report.
Through faith we understand
that the worlds were framed by
the word of God, so that things
which are seen were not made of
things which do appear”
(Hebrews 11:1-3).
understanding of what faith is before we proceed
any further. In one of the most popular portions of
Scripture, faith is defined as the substance of
things hoped for. If you have hope for anything, faith
is what gives it substance. Faith gives you every
reason to affirm something is yours before you see
it with your physical eyes. Why? Faith is the substance
of things hoped for; it calls real those things that are
not physically observable. It calls them done NOW!
Faith is also defined as the evidence of things
not seen, that is, the evidence of unseen realities. I
do not see those things with my optical eyes but
they’re real to me. They’re so real you can’t take
them away from me. Faith is the evidence of unseen
realities. That means it is proof of the existence of
something that is not tangible to the senses.
The Amplified Bible says,
“…Faith is the assurance (the
confirmation, the title deed) of
the things [we] hope for, being the
proof of things [we] do not see
{and} the conviction of their
reality [faith perceiving as real
fact what is not revealed to the
senses]” Faith is the title-deed. If you bought a piece of
land, you wouldn’t carry the land with you
everywhere, telling everybody, “See the land I
bought.” You would have documents to that land
called “a title-deed.” According to the Oxford English
Dictionary, a title-deed is ‘a document containing or
constituting evidence of ownership.’ If somebody
requests for a proof of ownership, you can simply
pull out your title-deed to the land and show them
as proof of ownership. That’s the evidence of unseen
The land is real, but because you can’t carry it
around with you, they may not see it in your office.
However, you have your proof of ownership – the
title-deed; – something they can look at and say,
“Yeah, you’ve really got that land.”
Faith is not in the realm of the five physical
senses, since it is the proof of things we do not see
and perceive by our senses. It also transcends the
realm of reasoning and the mind. It’s a spiritual force,
an attribute of the human spirit. That’s why I always
like to define faith as the response of the human
spirit to the Word of God.
Today’s English Version of Hebrews 11:1 says,
“To have faith is to be sure of the things we hope for,
to be certain of the things we cannot see.” Faith makes
a certainty of things we don’t see with our optical
eyes. Therefore, faith is not an irrational leap in the
dark but a leap on God’s Word. It is believing what
God’s Word has said concerning anything and acting
that way.
Now let me quickly point out here that there’s a
difference between faith and believing. Many people
don’t understand that difference. I have written a
book titled “Working on Your Believing.” You need
to get a copy of that book because there, I explained
in details the difference between faith and believing
Someone who’s suffering from a form of sickness
might cry, “Oh God, I believe! Oh God, I really know
You can do it. Do it for me today! Heal me Lord!”
He doesn’t realize it but that’s not faith. All he’s doing
is expressing his believing.
That fellow might be discouraged and unhappy
if he doesn’t receive healing, because he’ll think to
himself, “If I’ve ever had faith in my life, that was
one time I had faith!” He’ll be wondering, “Oh God,
why didn’t I receive?” not knowing that what he had
was not faith at all.
Faith is the corresponding action to what you
believe. I said earlier that faith is the response of the
human spirit to the Word of God. For the one who
is sick, when he hears the Word that says “By whose
stripes ye were healed” and believes it, his response
or corresponding action to that Word will be to begin
to declare “By the stripes of Jesus, I was healed!” He
should start acting as one who’s been healed and
as a result, begin to do the things he couldn’t do
hitherto, due to that sickness.
Now, when he declares that he is ‘the healed’
by the stripes of Jesus Christ, his declaration is not
going to be based on his feelings, but on the Word
of God that says he was healed.
James made reference to this aspect of faith
when he said,
“My friends, what good is it to
say you have faith, when you
don’t do anything to show that
you really do have faith? Can that
kind of faith save you? If you
know someone who doesn’t have
any clothes or food, you shouldn’t
just say, “I hope all goes well for
you. I hope you will be warm and
have plenty to eat.” What good is
it to say this, unless you do
something to help? Faith that
doesn’t lead us to do good deeds
is all alone and dead!…Well, our
ancestor Abraham pleased God
by putting his son Isaac on the
altar to sacrifice him. Now you
see how Abraham’s faith and
deeds worked together. He proved
that his faith was real by what he
did. This is what the Scriptures
mean by saying, “Abraham had
faith in God, and God was
pleased with him.” That’s how
Abraham became God’s friend.
You can now see that we please
God by what we do and not only
by what we believe”
(James 2:14-17; 21-24) CEV.
For faith to be faith and not just believing, it’s
got to have some action to it. That’s what James is
telling us here. Your faith in God is demonstrated by
your action.


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