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The Real You
Who Is The Real You:
[1]The real you is the main case generating you:You are more than the real you,You are more than the case housing your sense[sense of touch,hearing,sight,taste and smell].Inside you there is someone much more than your body and that is your “Human Spirit’ which is also known as the soul,That is the real you,That’s why the bible refers to in 1peter3:4″But let it be the hidden man of the heart,In that which is not corruptible,Even the ornament of the weak and quiet spirit”
The inner spirit is what we call soul or human spirit that gives us life and also lives even after death.The only situation that seperates the physical body[The flesh] and the human spirit is death.Although death takes place,The human spirit lives on and still functions like when he or she was in the physical body except having sense of touch.Jesus explained this using a story in luke chapter16:This story is about two men,One was a begger named lazarus,Although he was a begger he still had a righteous heart that when he died ,He was taken to Abrahams bossom,The second man also died i.e the rich man.He had been rich in the world,But he had not lived a righteous life.
Note:When lazarus and the rich man died,They were buried here on earth but jesus said that in hell,But jesus said that in hell the rich man lifted up his eyes and saw lazarus in Abrahams bossom and he recognized lazarus,This means that he could still see,Then the rich man called Abraham and said”Plz heip me”you see,He could still talk then Abraham spoke back to him and he heard Abrahams voice implying that he could still hear.
The rich man also said he was thirsty and not only was he thirsty,He was in agony so he begged “plz let lazarus come and give me a drop of water to cool my thirst”There is another point drawn out that he could still feel, that means all his senses were still intact,Infact he could still even remember things because he said “Plz send somebody among the dead to go preach to my brothers” Because he had five brothers on earth,So as he thought that maybe if someone from among the dead goes to them,only then will they believe i.e he remembered his brothers.
This is to let you know that man’s spirit lives on and also if a man is born again, It is the human spirit[The soul] that is born anew not the flesh.
[2]The real you is the valuable image in you:This is to say that the real you is that permanent heavenly gifted attribute in you that can never die even after death,Your human spirit still has the gift.Example:using someone who is gifted on music will still have the gift inside him even after death.So use your heavenly given talent well,because if you decide to use it to worship or work for the devil,in hell shall you use it while been tormented but if used well for Gods glory or for the purpose in which he has called you,then you will sing joyfully using it in heaven,So use your gift well to the glory of him who called you i.e God
[3]The real you is the worthful support in you that can never change,but can be changed if oneself desires to change it:This refers to the spirit given support that helps oneself to comfort his soul from being infected by the prince of the world which is the devil .Example:kindness,love,humility,joy,meekness and other attributes of the spirit.These are the real you and attributes in your spirit ,but due to challanges one face causes him or her to deviate from his or her real self,but i tell you never let situations of life break you but breakthrough it cos greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world[1john4:4],know that through christ you are an overcomer and a conquer so let christ be your strength .So the real you can be changed only by you, meaning that you can allow the attributes with which God made you to be used or give away yourself to the devil to use you,it’s all left to you cos God is a God of choice,either you have a sincere heart to be used by God or you give it all away to the devil.

[4]The real you is oneself when he or she is alone:This refers to the natural world we are in today,Your real you is notified when you are alone where no one can see you that’s why i should ask this question:”What are those characters or things you do when you are all alone” This is an accurate question:Some people come outside with a good side of him or herself hiding and pretending in front of people inorder to gain favour from them,some come out today using jesus and quoting the word for people inorder to cover their trueself while being alone he/she smokes,commits fornication and all other forms of imorality,but yet still pretending.One world i use to say is”Forget about the designed cover of a case or a thing,that the value or quality of a product is known when used”.The best way to know a true man or woman is through talking or chatting with him or her,Through that you will know what’s truely inside him/her because “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh”.

A New Creation (Book by Confidence Meko.G)

Chapter 2 : Get To Know The Real You


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