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Be Filled With The Holy Ghost(Get to know About The holy Ghost)


If you are born again but you Haven’t been filled with the holy ghost,the lord wants you to receive him today,your salvation is the only qualification you require to receive the holy spirit.Now,you can simply ask by faith and receive him into your spirit.
Say these words out loud in faith, expecting to receive:

“Dear heavenly father,I thank you for the gift of the holy spirit. As your child,I now receive him by faith to come and dwell in my heart.I receive him into every fibre of my being.I am now filled with the holy spirit and according to your word in acts 2:4,I speak with other tongues as he gives me utterance, in the name of the lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

You have received the infilling of the holy spirit.Now open your mouth and begins to utter those words of the spirit that are coming from your innermost being. Praise the lord!
The presence of the holy spirit in your life makes you more than a man.you may still look tall and walk the same way but you have become his living tabernacle,you have become more than a man as the very life and power of God now dwells in you.
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