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Speaking in tongues belongs in the new Testament. The old Testament folks couldn’t speak In tongues but we are now in the new Testament. In the old Testament, they couldn’t be born again because Jesus Christ hadn’t yet come to die in our place and the new convernant hadn’t been consummated.
Remember “tongues” are imparted to the recreated human spirit by the holy spirit when he fills an individual. He fills an individual. It is a spiritual language which you cannot learn with your mind.but With this spiritual language,you can communicate in the spirit realm with God and his holy angels.
The Bible says, “he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men but unto God for no man understandeth him…[I Corinthians 14:2].Remember I said at the beginning that man is a spirit and he lives in a body.it is through his body [The house] that he is able to contact the physical or earth realm.
However, he contacts the spirit realm with His spirit, and for the recreated human spirit to communicate effectively in that realm,he requires this spiritual language. Sometimes when you speak in other tongues, you are actually giving signals and instructions in the spirit, thus causing angels to start functioning on your behalf. In the old Testament, the only light thrown on the subject of speaking in tongues was what the prophet Isaiah said in Isaiah 28:12;
“for precept must be upon precept,precept upon precept; line upon line,line upon line;here a little and there a little:for with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to his people. To whom he said, this is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is refreshing; yet they woud not hear.”
Through the people of the old testament never experienced it, what the prophet said gives us a better understanding in tongues does in the new testament. He was talking about something he had never seen or experienced before and had no way of describing but by the spirit of God.
In verse 12,God was speaking through the prophet Isaiah that this stammering lips and another tongue is the rest wherewith the weary would receive rest and refreshing. But he said the people wouldn’t believe it, and true to his prophecy, when it came they didn’t believe it.
Sad to say,some Christians today still don’t believe In speaking in other tongues, if you are one of them,let me point out here that you not believing in it doesn’t make it wrong. You are actually just denying yourself of a great blessing and advantage that God has already made available to you, however, for the one who wants to live the authentic, dynamic and victorious Christian life ,receiving the holy Ghost and speaking in other tongues is an option. Nobody can live the real Christian life successfully without the holy Ghost, without the holy Ghost, you only have empty religion.


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