Today So many people think today that True success comes very easily but never does a true success be derivied easily because you must work hard for it and wait untill God approves you,and when he approves you he gives you the grace to move on in life and build your dream and make it a beautiful one.
True success can never be achieved in a year,but if only approved by God you can achieve much more than you even expected,to be a successful man or woman you must go through this stages before becoming a successful man

[1].Mind control:Though things may be hard while leading your way to the success door,you must learn how to control your thoughts in order to overcome the bad depression or spirit of hopelessness that nothing is working,because all those things are for a while, to be compared to the worth of your success celebration{That is the length and amount of doors your achievement will be celebrated in years while all this trials and tribulations are just for a while but they work for us more exceedingly great more than anything else}and also in every situation give thanks to the lord for he is the one perfecing all ways concerning you to victory.

[2]Frustration:This is one stage that many gets down on their knees,but when passed this stage you will understand that the value of your destined place of success i.e you will get to know how to keep working hard even though you achieve your desiried aim[that is:you will never think of failure or backwardness when you think about how you got up to where you are today].

Thirdly you will learn how to be at peace with all man because hating your enermies when they frustrate you or dissappoint you will never do you any good but it will only cause your blessings to hang on the way and never reach unto you because unforgiveness and hatred toward someone is what God hates,only a man with a free heart he blesses abundantlyand only a man with a free heart that God accepts his sacrifice of praise and offering,he never answers a prayer of a man holding a grudgefull heart against someone.

Fourtly you will then learn how to appreciate God in all circumstances because you will get to know the importance of all challenges you went through in life and take note of it so that you will not make those mistakes again and never go through that challenges again.

The fifth is that you will learn how to be humble any where you are and there you will know that Pride has no meaning and has no benefit because you would have already passed a stage when you thought you knew everythings about life and your ego won’t let you lower yourself and learn about life and grow and later you saw yourself dissappointed in yourself.Learn to be humble and learn more about life and keep growing because getting knowledge never ends in life,that is nobody knows it all and none can ever know it all,because you will discover that all is given by God and can be only withdrawn by him either through death or withdraw his anointed gracious presence in you.

Lastly you will learn how to be patient and wait on Gods appointed time for your success breakthrough,because lack of patience will cause you to make bad decision about your steps and you will move out of the pace of truth God is directing you toward to,so learn to be patient and wait on the lord[this does not cause you not to keep doing what you are surpose to do in life because God helps those who help themselves.

Thank you:I hope you were inspiried by this inspirational package.
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